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Great Plains & Intermountain West Region

Great Plains & Intermountain West region map
Map of 44,858 inventoried dams in the Great Plains & Intermountain West region.

Includes 9 states with:

44,858 inventoried dams, including:

  • 212 that have been reconned for social feasibility of removal

666,000 or more potential road-related aquatic barriers, including:

  • 5,758 that have been assessed for impacts to aquatic organisms
    • 3,402 of these are likely to impact aquatic organisms
Explore how many dams or road-related barriers there are in a state, county, watershed, or ecoregion.
Identify and rank dams or road-related barriers that reconnect the most high-quality aquatic networks.

Statistics by state:

Inventoried damsReconned damsInventoried road-related barriers
North Dakota3,83321276
South Dakota2,564147

6,299 inventoried dams and 388 inventoried road-related barriers were not analyzed because they could not be correctly located on the aquatic network or were otherwise excluded from the analysis. You can optionally include these in your download.

Note: These statistics are based on inventoried dams and road-related barriers. Because the inventory is incomplete in many areas, areas with a high number of dams may simply represent areas that have a more complete inventory.

You can help!

You can help improve the inventory You can help improve the inventory by sharing data, assisting with field reconnaissance to evaluate the impact of aquatic barriers, or even by reporting issues with the inventory data in this tool.

Contact us to learn more about how you can help improve aquatic connectivity in the Great Plains & Intermountain West.