Southeast Aquatic Barrier Prioritization Tool
Southeast Aquatic Barrier Tool

Download Aquatic Barrier Data

Data Version: 2.1.0 (12/22/2019)

The following download options include the latest available data within this tool. These data are subject to change at any point due to improvements to the inventory of aquatic barriers or improvements to the network connectivity analyses used by this tool. These data include priorities evaluated at the regional and state levels.

To select a different area for download or perform a custom prioritization, use the Prioritize page.

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Please Contact Us if you discover any issues with these data, need assistance interpreting or applying these data, or would like to contribute data.

Please note: this inventory consists of datasets from local, state, and federal partners. It is supplemented with input from partners with on the ground knowledge of specific structures. The information on barriers is not complete or comprehensive across the region, and depends on the availability and completeness of existing data and level of partner feedback. Some areas of the region are more complete than others but none should be considered 100% complete.

Download Dams by State

  • Oklahoma (13,287 dams)
  • Florida (5,490 dams)
  • Louisiana (918 dams)
  • Georgia (31,124 dams)
  • Alabama (17,272 dams)
  • Texas (18,544 dams)
  • South Carolina (3,326 dams)
  • North Carolina (6,067 dams)
  • Tennessee (4,426 dams)
  • Kentucky (3,235 dams)
  • Arkansas (5,989 dams)
  • Mississippi (7,056 dams)
  • Missouri (12,920 dams)
  • Puerto Rico (392 dams)
  • Virginia (8,046 dams)

Download Road-related Barriers by State

  • Oklahoma (712 barriers)
  • Florida (1,505 barriers)
  • Louisiana (717 barriers)
  • Georgia (637 barriers)
  • Alabama (2,629 barriers)
  • Texas (569 barriers)
  • South Carolina (954 barriers)
  • North Carolina (1,774 barriers)
  • Tennessee (484 barriers)
  • Kentucky (916 barriers)
  • Arkansas (2,972 barriers)
  • Mississippi (931 barriers)
  • Missouri (9,770 barriers)
  • Puerto Rico (28 barriers)
  • Virginia (2,880 barriers)